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Our Story - a foodies dream!

 What started out as a family recipe and backyard barbecue staple in 1989 is now the pride and joy of Sea Monster Sauces.  The Surfer Slappin! Sauce is made with love in North Carolina by Sean O’Rourke and Brian Mack.  Both of us are so excited and blessed to share this unique culinary food treat with everybody.  Surfer Slappin! Sauce was first made available to the public at The Dive Restaurant & Bar in Carolina Beach as a wing sauce and fish taco accompaniment. Bottles are now for sale online and all over the Wilmington area.  Soon to be nationwide!


Our family

Sean O'Rourke


Our head chef and salesman. Sean's family has been enjoying our sauce for over 30 years. Now you get to expereince a slap of Surfer Slappin!  919-633-9741 or seamonstersauces@gmail.com

Brian Mack


The goofiest member of Sea Monster Sauces. Reach out to Brian with invoicing questions or to start featuring our sauces on your menu!  

910-547-7727 or seamonstersauces@gmail.com

The Dive, Carolina Beach, NC


Winner of Best wings on the island year after year! https://www.facebook.com/dive458/  The Surfer Salppin! Sauce & marinade is featured on the wings, burgers and fish tacos! Ryan & Laura O'Rourke serve up the best drinks on the island!   

Press Release January 27th, 2020


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